Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sea Therapy

Feeling all right tonight. Decided I'm going to Florida for sure. The sea is therapy for everybody, and I always liked traveling. I'm excited to wear sandals and summery dresses again for a short while. As long as it's warm enough. Oh and a bikini and cardigan mix. I can def picture it now, sitting at the edge of the Atlantic with my iPod and a raspberry iced tea. It has definitely been too long since I last sat in some sand.

I'm hoping to get a camera for Christmas so I can take lots of pictures while I'm there. Pictures to post as well :] I really enjoy photographs. It's like a piece of the places you've been that you can keep forever. I always say I want to go back to a certain time or memory. At least with a photograph you can kind of go back.

Sad that I won't be spending New Year's with my friends at home. It's okay though, won't be the first time.

I'm looking forward to making it back to campus after break. I like it here. It's a good temporary home. I'm finding out it is easier to like it as the year continues. Helps this is a good night. Cozy little room, like a restaurant with mood lighting but everybody is studying instead of eating. And my soundtrack is good...

"I traveled all the world in search of you. I walked through Paris in the rain. I sipped champagne in Hollywood. They're all just hollow shells. They're all just hollow shells without you around."

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  1. Aw thank you so much, your comment made my night.

  2. No prob, but really, thank you. september was a brilliant mix :]