Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coeur de Pirate

Upbeat acoustic, pop, classical Coeur de Pirate avec Beatrice Martin. Great music. Much Talent. Not to mention she has adorable style.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Live With Vitality

She's dancing barefoot, heading for a spin, some strange music draws her in.
Where will I go?
Another journey today around my new city and I found another treasure. Pictures soon.
Photo Cred.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And Boom Goes the Dynamite I realize college is harder than I expected. I hate most of my classes so far. The professors don't speak much English and constantly feel the need to remind us they are "Dr. Owens" not just Professor or even Mister. (Since when do you take offense to being referenced as an adult male?!) It's connerie. And this one lady..., "Okay? Yis. Okay?" What the fuck is your problem lady? And you would think that when a class of 400 students is shifting in their seats it's not a lack of Preparation H but rather a lack of anything intriguing in your lecture... but wait it's the first day of class so if your slide says Class Guidelines can we stick to that and not mention the Nazis? Seriously. I am a good student. But not kidding, I fell asleep during my first sociology class. I didn't regret a second of it but I did cringe at the fact that I gave up on an art school because of unavoidable debt. At this point, I think my time is worth more than this.

Anyway, besides all this I did some serious sketching during Math and came up with a few discussion topics before CNIT.

One: Shoes and how they are an instant giveaway of personal style, attitude, and economical backgrounds.

Two: Men and squeaky shoes. What's the deal?

Moral of the day: Your time is yours to do with it what you choose. If sketching your math prof is more beneficial than trying to memorize the Properties she scribbles without audible explanation then go for it.

Yey for spending $300 on text books tonight! Not.
Shower time. Photo Cred.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Week

It's been one week living here. One week that has changed my life forever. One week that I will never forget.

My first week living on my own, away from home. I love it here. I have never been happier. I feel like everything in my life has been waiting for this freedom. I feel new life. I can taste opportunity and happiness on my breath. This was never suppose to happen like this, but I am satisfied. All this time I was waiting for this change.

I was waiting for this for so long; it feels just like I wanted.

Tomorrow actual classes start. I am a little nervous and a little excited. Hopefully it doesn't ruin this spectacular life I've built up this last week. But I'm thinking I'll be able to handle classes no problem.

I feel like I don't ever want to go back home. This is going to be the best year of my life. I can tell already.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moving Out is a lot like Dying

Here I am, night before moving in at college. I haven't even tried to go to bed yet, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work out too well. Especially considering I've had trouble sleeping due to college related anxiety for the past couple months. Actually probably longer than that.

All of this packing up everything you own and preparing to leave, saying goodbye to everyone you know... It feels a lot like you are about to die. It's scary. You are excited and nervous at the same time. You aren't sure if maybe you are really dreaming and the last few months never happened. But they did. Lord, they sure did. You had your summer of fun. Ugh, that reminds me summer is officially over tomorrow. It sucks. This summer has been undoubtedly the best time of my life. You realize life is purely choices now. You don't have to be in class at 8am like you were for the last 13 years. Summer after graduating high school is such an ecstasy it's so hard to explain. You want it to last forever because you feel so free. But then you are excited because everyone tells you college will be the best time of your life. So many emotions.

My last night at home. After tonight I don't live here really. My stuff is in boxes and bags and this room feels so empty. Well tomorrow I will have lotsss to talk about.... I'm guessing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More LB.NU

Montreal belle, Ireland always gets forgotten.

Photo cred.

Talent Search

Browsing through DeviantArt, I found this lovely portfolio gallery. Here are a few samples of what you'll find there. The last one is by far my favorite.

The Final Countdown

Only two days left until I move into the dorms. TWO! So naturally tomorrow is party night. The last party of my Summer 2009. While I'm anxious to get the year started at college, I'm also pretty sad about leaving all my friends and (ex?) boyfriend... (we halfway made up... whyyy am I partying at his place tomorrow night? Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol. And his sweet talking).

My room is only about 20% ready for me to abandon it. When you've enjoyed your summer after high school as much as I have, it's hard to think you can leave it all and start a new chapter. I know it will happen, it's just hard to wrap your brain around. I'm sure somebody knows what I'm talking about. It's like a battle. "I'm readyy" then "why is this ending?".

photo cred. Love this pic? Check out her blog.

Motorcycle Boots

Damn. Why didn't I buy the Target cheap version of these when I tried them on (off the fucking the clearance rack!) 3 months ago? Well, you live and learn.

Lolla 2009

While I wasn't as lucky as my friend to make it to Lollapalooza in Chicago last weekend, STYLE.COM certainly was and they def brought the goodies back in photos. Here are a few of my favs below.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Local Talent

A few of mes amies and I went to a local fashion show today. Very impressive. This kid just graduated from high school and already has put out two collections. While rather amature in feeling (see the American dad cross-legged with his white socks and khakis) , it was still enough to make me go "sweet". Took as many photos as I could.

Sites to visit: Cavaan, Eight Weeks,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kissing Families

soon you'll be there too

kissing families can't recall a program to derail us all

forgotten prison it's been safe 'til now

it's no wonder that we did it this way

keep looking forward on paths sideways

it's everything that is connected and beautiful and

now i know just where i stand

move on roll along not today

it's everything that is connected and beautiful and now i know just where i stand

thank god you're heart is too close

this can be the bitter end

i know it wont

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Style Envy

I am crushing on Kris B. As well as this Munich darling, Yasmin K. And Janine, this Regina Spektor lover from Germany - she's got style. Torunn must like dancing as well, not to mention her mousy look. Danielle knows her camera.

All of the above from my new favorite style site: I'm not tech savy enough to figure out how to post the actual photos on my page as a link, but click on the links and you will be satisfied.

It's more down to earth than something like WhoWhatWear and more useful than Facehunter.
Hopelessly dreaming of Chicago in my spare time. Photo cred.

Let It Fall

So much of fashion should come naturally to you. Well, assuming you have the slightest idea of what you are doing (let's face it some people just don't get it!). Sometimes we all get wrapped up in buying, buying, buying and forget our inspirations. It's so important to return to what you love whether it be film, or literature, or socializing, peoplewatching, or whatever. Let it fall into your life, and your wardrobe will follow suit. I hate trends for this reason. A style loses its soul when its wearer doesn't fully understand it. As a fashionista, you have to embrace the clothing as more than just clothing. What you wear is a direct interpretation of you. Don't go out if you don't get that tingly sensation about what you are wearing. Wear what you know and love but don't forget to test the waters and listen to your inspirations. current inspiration:

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Release

It seems so common. The pre-college break-up. It happens, it sucks, you both move on. The worst part is that uncomfortable transition. The sting. The release. Like the rip of a band-aid; you know it will be fine in a second, but you feel the singe. Your face squishes and cringes. That's what the pre-college break-up is like.

Photos: My own, edited with Poladroid. Please do not steal. Taken @ Kings Island, July 2009.