Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Are Always Running for the Thrill of It

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you had a good one.

After my plans for Florida fell through, my best friend and I decided to hightail it to Indy for a few days for New Years. Had a really great time. I'm not sure why I never looked into going to school there instead; downtown Indy has so many buildings with that old feel I love. I can see myself living in one of those shabby apartments so easily. Someday. Someday I'll have a real place of my own.

We managed to spend a little time down at Broad Ripple. Went to a few local stores, a neat little bagel and sandwich place, and hit up the Egyptian hookah bar for our last night on the town. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip, munching on some pita bread with hummus, lounging around listening to the Arabic tunes. It felt picturesque, if that makes sense.

So, sadly December has come to a close. Despite the fact that New Year's is my favorite holiday, January is my least favorite month. Boooo.

Here are some pictures from the crazy night, including our cheesy four-way new years kiss and me scuffing up the bathroom floor, which I'm embarrassed to say I vaguely remember. Also you can see my awesome ankle boots. It was definitely a night none of us are going to forget anytime soon...well, what we remember from it now we won't. ;]