Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And Boom Goes the Dynamite

...as I realize college is harder than I expected. I hate most of my classes so far. The professors don't speak much English and constantly feel the need to remind us they are "Dr. Owens" not just Professor or even Mister. (Since when do you take offense to being referenced as an adult male?!) It's connerie. And this one lady..., "Okay? Yis. Okay?" What the fuck is your problem lady? And you would think that when a class of 400 students is shifting in their seats it's not a lack of Preparation H but rather a lack of anything intriguing in your lecture... but wait it's the first day of class so if your slide says Class Guidelines can we stick to that and not mention the Nazis? Seriously. I am a good student. But not kidding, I fell asleep during my first sociology class. I didn't regret a second of it but I did cringe at the fact that I gave up on an art school because of unavoidable debt. At this point, I think my time is worth more than this.

Anyway, besides all this I did some serious sketching during Math and came up with a few discussion topics before CNIT.

One: Shoes and how they are an instant giveaway of personal style, attitude, and economical backgrounds.

Two: Men and squeaky shoes. What's the deal?

Moral of the day: Your time is yours to do with it what you choose. If sketching your math prof is more beneficial than trying to memorize the Properties she scribbles without audible explanation then go for it.

Yey for spending $300 on text books tonight! Not.
Shower time. Photo Cred.

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