Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Jams

Went to Chicago a couple weeks ago and saw She & Him at Millennium Park. It was really great. My friend is completely obsessed with Zooey & M.Ward so we had to get really close so she could get herself some pictures, ha ha. Turned out being amazing being smashed right against the front of the stage. It's not really the kind of music you crowd surf to, but these kids sure did!

I honestly didn't know that much about the band before I found out about the concert. I did know that I liked M.Ward and I definitely liked Zooey. So I started listening to their music and I fell in love. Mainly because it actually reminds me of Patsy Cline, a childhood obsession. Sometimes I guess I try to be dyslexic because for months I called her "Pasty Cline". Then my mother kindly corrected me after a few laughs.

Anyway, the similarity kills me! And I love it.

Oh yea, and we decided to be cliche and visit the Sears Tower. :]
Which is something like the Willis Tower now, but whatevs I call it what I want!

I love Chicago. Sometimes I like to think I'll actually live there for awhile eventually.

Kudos to my amigo for the pictures.

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