Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ma Petite Soeur

We had a beautiful little snow storm at the start of the weekend. Covered everything in this thick mix of ice and snow. You still can't properly walk on the sidewalks; it's kind of comical.

I hate how fast the weekend goes. I wish time would slow down right now. Days go too fast. There is so much going on I feel I can't hold it all in my brain. It's like trying to run with a glass full of water, all of it sloshing over the edges. Not that I'm complaining, I'm content right now, I honestly am. I guess I'm just afraid time is slipping away from me. It is in a way.

Talked to my family some tonight. It's so hard that I don't get to talk to my little sister very much. I feel like she's slipping away too. Just for awhile though. I know we'll eventually end up together. We've always been inseparable.

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