Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Je Vais Bien; Ne T'en Fais Pas

Last day here before Thanksgiving break. Thank the Lord. Never thought I would be homesick, but here I am, sick as a dog. Oh, and dying to go shopping.

I keep meaning to upload photos of my outfits, as that seems to be what people want in a fashion blog these days. (I love how I say these days even though fashion blogging is relatively new. Niceee haha.)

I've got a ton of dirty laundry and seriously hardly a thing to wear home in the morning. Might as well wear my leotard straight home from ballet.

Ugh. Ballet at 7:30... a mere 6 hours from now. I guess I forgot people are actually suppose to sleep at night. Oh well, I mean I probably would have been lying awake right now even if I had try to go to sleep.

Insomnia hits me like a bitch slap.

As far as news goes, turns out I'm not studying abroad for at least one more year. Getting an apartment instead. Cannot wait to have a home of my own finally! There will surely be pics. I'm determined to make my future home a freakin piece of art itself.

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