Saturday, November 7, 2009

Compliments and Candy

It always starts with an excitement.
It ends with a long walk home, this time solo.

I asked him to walk me home, be a gentleman, you know. He said he was too drunk. Part of me believed him, as his eyes told that. Part of me identified his slick laziness and chauvinistic pig ways. Either way I was fine with it and decided it was for the best, as I don't think I really wanted him to end up at my place either, although it would have been entertaining to see the look on the face of my oh so distant roommate.

"You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen." Not the first time I've been told this, hopefully won't be the last. The key to this was deciphering the sincerity of the remark. We had moved from the benches of the dance floor with the cheesy colored lights and distractingly loud music to the executive room with high-backed, quality foam seated swirling chairs. Legs spread, back against the wall, he held me at his waist, high off the ground as he was tall like me. He continued with the compliments, but the neediness in his voice was starting to annoy me. He smelled good and told me I was beautiful, and he was certainly more than relatively attractive, so I let him continue. We didn't sleep together, God no. He had sweet talked way too many girls like this before me, and I was well aware. To my Charismatic Wonderboy, I knew your game the whole time. Really any guy who ever wants a guarantee lay should take lessons from this guy. He could tell most girls the world was going to end and I'm sure they all would believe it, not to mention what they'd do for him before this "end of the world". But then again, most girls who end up at these frats really are that ridiculous. I like to think of myself as an exception thank you very much.

He wanted me to go away with him for a 2 day trip to Michigan. Fucking glorious. This kid had so much bull shit spewing out of his mouth I wouldn't be surprised if it was coming out his ass too. Sure, he might have wanted me to come, but no way in Hell was I really going. I didn't graduate high school with my 4.1 GPA by blowing my teachers.

Here I am, eating Munchies and drinking my Minute Maid Lemonade out of the 2-liter, something that really disgusts me. But I live alone and never have anyone to share my lemonade with so what the hell. My frustration is solely derived from the fact that I left my phone there somewhere. Everything would have been fine if I hadn't left my phone at that goddamn frat. FML.

Onward college life, Onward.

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