Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Is Coming.

I'm happy now, I think you might be too.
Picked up your guitar like I said you should again, I see.
Just after we parted ways, I got some news you should have known.
But dammit, I couldn't quite arrange my words,
And when I saw you again I dropped dead in my tracks.
You know, you saw me in my awkward stance, sad and doe-eyed and shocked at how
Once you held me in your arms, and now I could barely hold you in my glance.
There is something unsettled here.

It all went so fast.
We met.
We loved.
We left.

You left your hat here in my room.
You won't see it again.
I threw it in the river a few weeks back.
Was that really how things were suppose to go?

It's okay though, I guess. I'll just call you the one that got away
And I'll make blue-eyed babies with a different man.
And spring is coming;

I revel in spring.

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