Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last December

While cleaning out my facebook I came across 2 "notes" which i wrote. One of which was one of those lists of things about yourself. Some are the same, some are different. Most are amusing to read.

1) i am not a patient person when it comes to technology, making food, etc.
2) traveling the world is my number one goal in life.
3) i am a compulsive people watcher. humans amaze me.
4) oreos are my weakness.
5) i like skinny dipping, swimming, showers, water in general. if i were to return as something else, i'd want to be a mermaid.
6) i've been accepted to SAIC, an art school in chicago, and will be studying fashion design & art in general.
7) i am terrified of skiing, spiders, and a certain horror movie.
8) i miss ballet.
9) i love film. i imagine life as a movie.

10) languages amuse me. french, german, swedish, russian, you name it...
11) i used to be obsessed with chinese astrology.
12) religion confuses me.
13) i never imagined my life the way it actually is.
14) scents bring back very specific memories and feelings to me, as do songs, and textures.
15) i love deja vu. not the movie, the actual occurrence.
16) 28 is my lucky number and i always find it when i least expect it.

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