Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey. I am Novella Divakaruni and this is the new blog I've created to share my experiences of being a freshman at a big ten college. This isn't your sorority sister blogging about how she puked her guts out after shooting vodka and sucking a future starting quarterback's dick at last nights party for hours. Nope, actually I am an art student misplaced in this huge school in the middle of the Midwest corn country rather than in Chicago at a prestigious art school. I have 2 weeks and 5 days until I move in to my bitty-baby sized dorm room with a roommate coming from a rich-bitch high school, and sadly, I doubt she even knows what a pair of Louboutins are. I created this web log to document my life as a fashion forward freshman struggling to maintain her sanity in the world where "fashionable" is a coach bag and VS PINK sweatpants. Yeah. So this is my getaway and link back to the real world of fashion, art, and music. It is my goal to find and exploit a lesser-known side of this university and link it to images and news from around the world. I am searching for the indie European types and nights out at the hookah bar rather than the jocks at the frats. I expect to post at least weekly and if I can't seem to find something relatively inspirational to write about than this place really is as bad as it looks and I will probably have run away to Hong Kong or something. So here goes and I hope you may at least find humor in my life if not art, music, and great fashion.

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